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SS3 - Budget Swinging Sign
Robust, reliable Folding Swinging Sign with glossy white powdercoated tubular steel frame and 500 x 750mm aluminium panel on quality stainless steel hangers. Allen key supplied. Once assembled, locks open and folds for easy use/carrying/storage.
Weight: 6.5kgs
SS3 - Budget Swinging Sign

SS5 - Small heavy-base Swingsign
'Economy' swinging sign - black base - choice of black or white tubular steel frame with white aluminium panel (430 x 625 mm)
weight: 11 kg
SS6 - Large heavy-base Swinging Sign
Quality heavy-base swinging-sign, tubular steel frame/aluminium panel - (500 x 750) - white sign/black PVC base.
weight: Approx - 16 kg
PN1 - Heavy-base Panel Sign
Aluminium panel sign - black rubber base-white panel (460 x 783 mm)
Weight: 10 kg
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